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May 9th, 2014

Oxford Messed Up by Andrea Kayne Kaufman on BiblioJunkies

This is a very special novel. It would translate beautifully to film. If that ever happened, I can guarantee it would be one I would watch over and over again. And to think it has its own amazing built in soundtrack. Absolute perfection.

Thank you, Andrea Kayne Kaufman, for showing people how debilitating mental diseases can be. For teaching people to understand that it’s not as easy as just turning it off. For helping readers realize that no matter our struggles we still have the power to choose happiness; to be fatally optimistic – to steal from Henry’s dissertation on Van Morrison.

Oxford Messed Up by Andrea Kayne Kaufman

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January 5th, 2014

Oxford Messed Up Named in Top 10 of 2014 on BiblioJunkies

A captivating story about a young woman with extreme OCD and her new loo-mate that triggers her anxiety in every possible way. They fall for each other over a mutual love of Van Morrison. I loved that this book took the heroine’s mental illness so seriously and did not condescendingly try to make the reader believe that falling in love was a cure for her daily struggles. Also, I learned to absolutely adore Van Morrison thanks to this author.

Oxford Messed Up Named in Top 10 of 2014 on BiblioJunkies

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May 16th, 2012

Jessica Knauss, Famous Writer – Interview with Andrea Kayne Kaufman

Jessica Knauss, Famous Writer – Interview with Andrea Kayne Kaufman

May 4th, 2012

Daughters of the American Revolution Kentucky Society Suggested Reading List

 “This is one of those rare works that makes one head straight to the computer to send emails to all reading friends proclaiming “you must read this book.”  Kaufman, an Associate Professor at DePaul University, has written a brilliant debut novel about a young American Oxford University student who suffers from extreme, untreated Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.”
Daughters of the American Revolution Kentucky Society

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May 4th, 2012

Independent Publisher – Oxford Messed Up

Not only does it work, but it also doesn’t feel forced in terms of the writing or characterization. Gloria isn’t magically cured by the end of the book, and Henry slips and has to have a sit down with his AA sponsor. Too often, addictions or illnesses are treated as plot devices that are tied up once the couple is in love or the family is happy or whatever other happy denouement the author employs. Instead, Henry and Gloria are like the tupelo blossoms in one of their favorite songs, blossoms whose “vulnerability and short blossoming season made it a fucking miracle anytime one survived.” Survive they do, and though this book has a “happy” ending, it also comes with the understanding that this couple is real. Just as tupelo honey is the triumph of the tupelo’s survival, so too do Henry and Gloria have to survive to taste the sweetness of a life together, a life for which they will continue to work – individually and as a couple. Read this if you want a bit of smart romance.”
Independent Publisher

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May 2nd, 2012

Finalist in 3 categories, 2012: Oxford Messed Up, by Andrea Kayne Kaufman (Grant Place Press)

The Next Generation Indie Book Awards honors indie authors and independent publishers through an international competition. It was established “to recognize and honor the most exceptional independently published books.”

Finalist in 3 fiction categories, 2012: Oxford Messed Up, by Andrea Kayne Kaufman (Grant Place Press)

The compete list of 2012 Winners and Finalists is here:  2012 Indie Book Awards

May 1st, 2012

Worthington Library Book Reviews

Can you write it in a way that is compelling, that sheds some understanding on what Gloria’s inner world/voice must be like? Can love overcome all those challenges?  Well, yes, you can write the interesting love story, and yes, it is compelling. Love alone does not quite overcome all the challenges but it helps. So does Gloria’s inner strength supported by the possibility of both love and a life and the idea that she could help Henry find that same strength in himself.  Ready to reread it! 

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Worthington Library

May 1st, 2012

Patricia Friedrich

It was great to find Oxford Messed Up and so refreshing to see a novel where OCD is represented realistically in such a likable character as Gloria.

Patricia Friedrich
PhD, author of No Ordinary Doubt: the social and linguistic construction of OCD, forthcoming from New York University Press

May 1st, 2012

Oxford Messed Up – Love in the time of OCD

“The beauty of Kaufman’s “Oxford Messed Up” lies in the multi-dimensional characters that are both rich and real, a narrative that soars in its simplicity and plunges into immense emotional depth at the same time, and prose that is beautifully crafted. What really, and absolutely, blows your mind is the way in which Andrea Kayne Kaufman explores the human spirit so beautifully, approaches the subject of mental health with such sensitivity and such intricacy, and creates her characters with such intimacy that you cannot help but become invested in their relationship, and attached to them. This is an absolutely brilliant novel, especially for a debut, and one I believe should become part of our curriculum, at least for students of Psychology – the kind of novel that generations down the road will read, seeking comfort in its characters. I wanted to kiss the hands that wrote this novel – I still might, if I ever am lucky enough to meet it’s author (it’s okay, Andrea, I’ll bring the hand sanitizer!). As a voracious reader, and an absolute worshiper of literature, I’m constantly searching for books that are life-changing – I assure you, “Oxford Messed Up” is just that kind of novel. I hope you will pick up this book, and I hope that it will leave you with as much joy and elation as it bestowed upon me.
The Chronicles of an Enamored Soul

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April 30th, 2012

Sidewalk Shoes Book Review ~ Oxford Messed Up by Andrea Kayne Kaufman

I loved every single thing about this book… What they do have in common is Van Morrision. His words and wisdom are so interwoven through this story, that I had to stop in the middle and purchase and download his greatest hits album… This is a love story. It is a story of rising above our own personal demons. It is a fascinating look at OCD. It would make a wonderful movie.”
Sidewalk Shoes

Read the full review here: Book Review: Oxford Messed Up

April 28th, 2012

BookBrowse’s Consensus Review

Oxford Messed Up is the story of two highly original characters destined to be together. I enjoyed the unique personality of Gloria, who attempts to rise above OCD; and Henry, trying to overcome the chains of remorse from a demonized past. They share a bathroom and a devotion to Van Morrison, and they believe in each other when paralyzed by their own self-doubt. I loved this book. Andrea Kaufman does a marvelous job creating characters with major personality flaws and turns them into people with heart and substance… I especially enjoyed the intellectual aspects of the book as Gloria writes and comments about her women poets and she collaborates with Henry regarding the poetry/music of Van Morrison. For me, the book worked on many levels, and I was truly pleased with the results.  Oxford Messed Up is a smart, compelling book ; it is believable, and keeps the reader’s interest. I’m looking forward to more from this author.”
BookBrowse Consensus Review

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April 20th, 2012

15 Books for 2012 Summer Reading, The Invisible Mentor

The two help each other – Henry helps Gloria with her disorder, and Gloria helps Henry to be more focused with the study. The reader experiences a beautiful love unfolding between Gloria and Henry. The book also gives great insights into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. “

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15 Books for 2012 Summer Reading, The Invisible Mentor

April 19th, 2012

A Bookish Affair

“This book had a little of everything that I love in a book. There’s a romance, a great setting, and fantastically real characters that you will fall in love with. There’s a soundtrack (Van Morrison). There’s fantastic writing (a sign of good writing to me is where I feel like I need to write down some quotes from the books and I definitely did with this one).”
Meg, @ A Bookish Affair

Read the full review here: Review: Oxford Messed Up by Andrea Kayne Kaufman

April 18th, 2012

Journey with Books – Review

Oxford Messed Up is not just your typical romance read. It tackles real life. It points out the things we chose to ignore in our society. This book is one great read you wouldn’t want to miss if you’re looking for something real.”
Journey with Books

Spoiler Alert! Read the full review here: Journey with Books

April 16th, 2012


“Love is…dirty. And when you’re obsessive compulsive and steering clear of dirt is part of who you are, then love is out of the question.”
Jenn, aka the picky girl
Author of thepickygirl blog

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April 15th, 2012

Brand New Day – Joseph’s Reviews

Experts on OCD have raved about Kaufman’s sensitive and accurate portrayal of the condition as viewed from the inside. But readers of all stripes will appreciate Oxford Messed Up for its unique take on what it means to love another human being, warts and all, and for its profound message of hopefulness.”  
Kimberly Caldwell @ Joseph’s Reviews

Read the full review here: Joseph’s Reviews

April 10th, 2012

Visions of Pat: Review; Oxford Messed Up by Andrea Kayne Kaufman.

I  haven’t enjoyed a book set in Oxford more and also I think this story would make a great film and the soundtrack album would be amazing. As soon as I finished reading the book I put on Brand New Day by Miriam Makeba which is my favourite cover version of a Van Morrison song.Van fans will love this book and i urge you to read it.

Pat @ Visions of Pat
See the full review here: Visions of Pat


April 1st, 2012

 “A moving and poignant tale about two messed up people trying to find true love against a back drop of dead women poets and Van Morrison’s optimistically enchanting music. The book is a literary feast for anyone looking for a contemporary literary fiction.”

Read the full review here:

November 16th, 2011

Oasis Online

Gloria, from Oxford Messed Up, is mentioned on the OASIS: Oxfordshire Autistic Society site in the same company as David Beckham and a Stephen King character in reference to examples of OCD behaviors.

The most important part of her ritual was cleaning the toilet. In order to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, it had to be done with absolute thoroughness and precision. Cleaning the toilet was a test of her competence… and the precept of staying in control. - Andrea Kayne Kaufman, ‘Oxford Messed Up.’

Oasis Oxfordshire Autistic Society

Read more here: Oasis

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