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Teachers strike looms in Highland Park.

Labor expert Andrea Kayne Kaufman on contract talks.

Andrea Kayne Kaufman on WGN discussing the end of the teachers strike

ABC 7 Morning News Show about the Chicago Teachers Strike

Teachers union to vote on possibly ending strike.

Andrea Kayne Kaufman on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

DePaul Professor discusses legality of teacher strike on WGN.

Andrea Kayne Kaufman on Politics Tonight with Paul Lisnek about the CPS Teachers Strike.

Andrea Kayne Kaufman, DePaul labor expert explains legal issues of teachers strike.

Fox Happening Now with labor expert Andrea Kayne Kaufman on contract talks.

Andrea Kayne Kaufman, expert labor negotiator weighs in on strike talks on Chicago’s ABC 7 News.

Andrea Kayne Kaufman promoting Oxford Messed Up on Chicago’s WGN News.

Watch an interview with Andrea Kayne Kaufman about Oxford Messed Up.

Watch an interview with Amanda Holly about Oxford Messed Up and OCD.

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Read the latest buzz about Oxford Messed Up.



Oxford Messed Up, Winner Best Adult Fiction E-Book, 2012 


Education Week: Writers Reflect on Chicago Strike

Reuters – Emanuel’s court bid to end strike stalls, teachers call it “vindictive”

The Raw Story – Judge denies mayor’s injunction as Chicago teachers strike continues

Reuters – Chicago’s Emanuel goes to court but no quick end to teachers strike

Fox Business News – Chicago Mayor Files Injunction to End Teachers Strike

Chicago Tribune – As strike goes on, pressure builds on teachers, city

Chicago Sun-Times – Can teachers strike over evaluations? ‘Yes and no,’ experts say

Jessica Knauss, Famous Writer – Interview with Andrea Kayne Kaufman

Invited Scholar for Launch of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation at Harvard University

“Oxford Messed Up” Author Joins OCD Chicago

When Good Enough ls No Longer Good Enough: How the High Stakes Nature of the No Child Left Behind Act Supplanted the Rowley Definition of a Free Appropriate Public Education

Is Race in Public Schools Still Compelling? Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1

Policy and Law of Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004, Attempting No Student With Disabilities Left Behind to the Extent Enforceable

What Would Harry Potter Say About Bong Hits 4 Jesus? Morse vs. Frederick and the Democratic Implications of Using In Loco Parentis to Subordinate, Tinker and Curtail Student Speech

You’re Fired! Donald Trump, No Child Left Behind and the Limits of Dissonant Leadership in Education

Ghosts of Affirmative Action Past, Present and Future

The Logician Versus the Linguist

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