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Ever since I discovered Van Morrison’s Moondance album in seventh grade, I have been hooked. For me, he is the ultimate poet, whose lyrics always transcend and transport me to a better place. I have been listening to his inspiring music for 33 years now and always hear something new. Experience the music that brought Henry and Gloria together.


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Brand New Day” -This is what Oxford Messed Up and all my writing is all about. Van makes it clear this is available to everyone. Anyone. Even you.

Beside You” -I love the New York Sessions version of “Beside You.” It’s raw and urgent.

Dweller on the Threshold” -This amazing song is a metaphor for that scary space before you’re ready to try something new. Kind of how I felt writing this book.

Steal My Heart Away” -This Irish waltz reminds me of the endurance that’s required of any relationship. The journey may be long, and lots of stuff may get in the way, but in the end it will all be okay.

Tupelo Honey” -This song captures Van’s sensuality in a very deep and profound way. Tupelo blossoms are so sweet so fragile that it really is a miracle when they survive the elements. I really love that fact and I feel that way about my life sometimes.

Precious Time” -This song has the greatest lyrics and is the motto for my life. Like Henry, I have experienced the early death of loved ones. Precious time is slipping away, don’t put anything off, be present for every wonderful moment.

Real Real Gone” -It is impossible not to be transformed by the joyful trumpet and trombone chorus in this song. It totally reminds me of the euphoria of falling in love.

Days Like This” -I listened to this day and night after both my children were born. It encapsulates that feeling that all the puzzle pieces fit together.

Wild Night” -This is the best getting-ready song. Getting ready to go out. Getting ready for a night alone with my hubby. Getting ready for something wild and exciting.

I also love “Caravan,” “Sweet Thing,” “Ballerina,” “Madame George,” “And It Stoned Me,” “Glad Tidings,” “Bright Side of the Road,” “Crazy Love,” “Someone Like You,” “Have I Told You Lately,” and especially “Gloria“!


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